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loan types & terms
our fees include upfront points and monthly interest only payments. no other fees whatsoever.
12.90% apy interest (no interest on un-drawn funds).

no interest is charged on un-disbursed funds. for example, a $150K loan which includes $50K set aside of renovation would only be charged interest on the initial $100K then as the borrower draws on the remaining funds additional interest would accrue.

2 - 3 points, paid upfront at closing.


points are calculated as percentage of the total loan. for example, if the total loan is $150K and the loan was for 2 points then the upfront fee at closing would be $3,000.00. For first time borrower's points are typical 3 and may adjust lower depending on the deal and borrower's experience with us over time.

funding up to 90% of purchase price + 100% of construction costs

for example, ​if the purchase price plus the estimated renovation costs are less than 75% of the estimated after repair value (arv) then the borrower would only be required to bring 10% of the purchase price as money down, in addition to the upfront points. The remainder of the purchase price and renovation or construction costs would be financed by us. 

We have no other fees whatsoever. This includes no appraisals, no draw fees, no underwriting fees, no application or administrative fees, etc. borrowers would only pay upfront points, monthly interest then the balance when they complete the loan.

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