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no appraisals

no junk fees

competitive rates

quick funding

thunder mountain capital

tennessee's fastest and easiest private money lender

no credit checks

no appraisals

no junk fees

competitive rates

quick funding

contact us 24/7 for assistance or questions

(615) 861-1630

no credit checks

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how it works

thunder mountain capital specializes in offering true asset-based loans, on non-owner occupied residential homes, for investors who need quick & flexible funding. we close as soon as title is ready.

funding up to 90% of purchase and 100% construction. 

interest only loans, no interest charged on un-drawn construction funds.



apply through website or e-mail.


we'll review and respond within 24 hours.



we will close as soon as title is ready



Fist Pound

payback loan when project is complete

Image by Daniel McCullough

draws for construction available on demand


about us

thunder mountain capital was created to enable real estate investors the freedom to create, build and capitalize on the efforts of their own work.

our company’s mission is to provide a service that not only forms winning and profitable relationships, but harbors the creation of a product valued by a community.  through our company, we provide the financing to make this possible. prior to our launch, we looked at the currently available solutions in the market. what we saw were alternatives which were too rigid to handle the novel problems encountered by investors; we saw banks that lacked agility and flexibility, private lenders that demanded a share of investor profits, all cash transactions which bore too heavy of a burden, and other hard money lenders that disguised their rates with hidden fees.

since then, we have become dedicated to creating a loan product which provides power to our investors, which gives them the flexibility and nimbleness to maximize their own profit and reap the full benefit of their efforts.


we knew that by aligning our incentives with our customers, without compromise, we could create a model in which all parties win. that’s why we founded thunder mountain capital


David Seroy

Founder & CEO

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